Desert Hyacinth, Bhui nala (भुईनाला)

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Desert Hyacinth, Bhui nala (भुईनाला)
Scientific Name : Cistanche tubulosa
Family : Orobanchaceae
Common Name : Desert Hyacinth, Bhui nala (भुईनाला)
It is a leafless, perennial parasitic plant which is normally found in deserts. As the plant has no chlorophyll it depends upon host plants for its needs of water and nutrients. Only inflorescence of the plant remains above the ground. Seeds are tiny and numerous. Pollination is done mostly by flies .Its preferred host plant is Salvadora persica. This plant is supposed to have medicinal properties and is used in Chinese medicinal system. This plant is Native to India and was photographed in desert of Rajasthan.
Propagation : Seeds
Longevity : Perennial